Who are you? What’s this all about?

My name is Andrew Rickard. I am a translator and used to be an in-house book editor. I started The Obolus Press to share the works of lesser-known artists and authors, and it’s going pretty well; my translation of Hans Ostwald’s history of the Weimar hyperinflation was favourably reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement last year.

Mainstream publishers are not interested in the books you’ll find here because they are unfashionable and unprofitable. Monographs about neglected European painters and obscure memoirs from the 19th and early 20th centuries are unlikely to even qualify for, never mind win, the government grants that fund so many literary projects today. The Obolus Press, however, was founded on a different model

I use this blog (hosted on Substack) to share the first draft of books I am working on — think of it as an e-book delivered in weekly installments. I post every Wednesday.

You can learn more about me here, and find contact details here.

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